Dental Precision

Revitalise has a fully equipped laboratory on-site run by the Dental Precision team. Lead by Clinical Dental Technician Martin Docking who is one of the most experienced professionals in his field, Dental Precision have been creating prosthesis for over 20 years.

Martin champions new techniques and materials that offer Revitalise customers better and longer lasting results. His services are employed by many other surgeries across the UK and in Europe because of his skill in creating bespoke dental products.

The availability of an on-site laboratory has many benefits for Revitalise customers. Not least the potential for adjustments, maintenance and repairs to their bespoke dentures in just a matter of hours; making the treatment process at Revitalise the most efficient and cost effective it can be.

Revitalise is unique in offering a full spectrum service and a multidisciplinary team all under one roof.

Dental Precision is the on-site laboratory at Revitalise Dental Centre, staffed by an an industry leading technical team creating state of the art denture solutions.