At Revitalise we do things differently.

All of our team are invested in delivering better dental care for every customer we treat and our comprehensive three step approach ensures that each and every customer who walks through the door achieves a smile that lasts. Boosting their confidence, their health and their peace of mind.

We start with a consultation, a chance for you to talk through your hopes and for us to walk you through the various treatment options, timescales and costs. Transparency, information and customer-led care are our guiding principles.

Treatments are varied but are always bespoke and with our on-site laboratory, run by the award-winning Dental Precision team, prosthesis are made promptly and expertly and any adjustments are undertaken there and then.

Aftercare and ongoing maintenance are essential and Revitalise offers a full post-treatment care plan for each individual customer tailored to your needs. We are proud of our reputation and we often have customers who come to us for treatment from across the UK and Europe.

If you are interested in better dental care and would like to visit Revitalise and speak with our team please call us to arrange your initial consultation.