A Fresh Approach to Dentistry

The Team bring more than 60 years of joint experience. We offer exceptional treatment and cosmetic dentistry. Based in St. Agnes, Cornwall, our Clinicians focus entirely on you, allowing time, space and comfort to deliver unbeatable levels of service.

At Revitalise Dental Centre you will be guided by our team to help identify which dental solution will work best for you. We respect it isyour body , time and choice on what dentistry you have done. We will explain ALL your options giving you the pros and cons , timings and costings in a way you will understand so you can make the correct choice for YOU. During your treatment we want you to feel relaxed in our bright, open, modern space and leave with a confident new smile and lease of life.

You are free to have as much or as little involvement in your treatment plan as you wish, you can even visit our adjacent Dental Laboratory, meet the dental technician creating your new smile and see how your dental prosthesis is made.

More detail about the specifics of our treatments can be found below. However, the options we can offer you are endless and this is just an overview. Every patient is different and we can best determine what will work for you during your free consultation.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. They are widely accepted as the best way to replicate a natural tooth, providing a long term solution which is as close to the real thing as possible. This gives you the confidence to talk, eat, and smile normally without a second thought.

Whether you need to fill the space of a single missing tooth using one implant and a crown or use multiple implants to support a bridge for several missing teeth, we can discuss the options open to you and help you to decide what would suit you best.

Key Points:

  • Natural Look and Feel for Replacement Teeth
  • Long Term, Maintenance-Free Solution
  • Options for Replacing Single or Multiple Teeth

Talk to us about:

  • Treatment Stages for Having an Implant
  • Healing Times Based on Your Wellbeing

Fixed Implant Retained Dentures

This is an option for patients who would like to fix full upper and or lower bespoke dentures using implants. A bespoke full denture can be made to fit onto implants providing a stable base making them secure and feeling natural.

Using a fixed denture gives you the peace of mind that there will be no movement, the denture remains securely attached to the implants for a really secure feel. This option also helps to support the structure of the mouth and reduces the chance of natural changes in the shape of the jaw over time.

Using a CT scan we create a digital image of your face to show you how an implant retained fixed denture would look once complete.

Key Points:
    • Good Solution for Patients Who Would Like to Fix Full Upper and or Lower Denture
    • Fixed Denture on Implants Stable and Secure
    • Bespoke Denture Made for You that Looks and Feels natural
    • Maintains Healthy Jaw Shape over Time

    Talk to us about:

    • Whether or not you require Bespoke Natural Looking Dentures
    • Treatment Details for Implants to Secure a Full Denture
    • Estimated Times for Healing and Creating Implant Retained Dentures

    Removable Implant Retained Dentures

    Using implants placed into the jawbone, the removable denture can be clipped securely in place on the implants to provide a worry-free, secure attachment. Removable dentures allow you a degree of flexibility when it comes to maintaining the hygiene of your denture and implants, as they can be easily unclipped for cleaning and maintenance.

    They are suited to patients who have lost bone and gum recession and need to have support for their facial structure and muscles enough to restore. Typically the dentures are held in place with just two implants for the lower and sometimes four for the upper, but this may differ in some cases.

    Key Points:

    • Removable Dentures Can Be Used for Both Full and Partial Upper and
      Lower Arches
    • Provides a Flexible Option for Regular Hygiene and Maintenance
    • Secure Attachment with Just Two Implants

    Talk to us about:

    • How the Clip-In Mechanism Works with the Implants
    • Would a Fixed or Removable Denture Be Better for Me?

    Partial and Full Dentures

    We always aim to give you as much flexibility as possible when it comes to your treatment. Whether you require a smaller partial denture or a full arch denture, we have many options available.

    There are various techniques and products out there, from Swiss™ to BPS™ dentures. Rest assured that we will explain why one option is more suited to you than another, keeping you informed every step of the way.

    Key Points:
    • Multitude of Different Techniques Provided
    • Onsite Laboratory Provides Flexibility and Shorter Treatment Times
    • Bespoke Natural Looking Simple or Complex Dentures Created for you
      Dependant on Circumstances

    Talk to us about:

    • The Treatment Details for Preparing a Full or Partial Denture
    • Have Questions on a Specific Style of Denture? Ask Away

    Metal and Acrylic Dentures

    At Revitalise Dental Centre, we will always explain the full range of options available and help you make the best decision. We can create many types of denture, but they will normally be made in acrylic or metal. Each material has its merits and depending on your situation, one may be much better suited than the other.

    Acrylic dentures provide a cost-effective option and can be used effectively as a temporary denture during more extensive treatment.

    Metal dentures are useful for narrow dentures where additional strength is required and for smaller, more discreet partial dentures that fit around existing healthy teeth.

    Key Points:

    • Specific Experience in Creating a Bespoke Denture to Seamlessly
      Match Your Existing Teeth
    • Each Material has its Benefits; They Can Sometimes be Used Together
    • Suitable Denture Options for All Budgets

    Talk to us about:

    • The Differences Between Acrylic and Metal Dentures and What Would
      be Best for You
    • Just Ask If You would Like to Meet with the Technician Crafting
      Your Denture and Understand the Whole Design Process.

    Other Treatments

    Our team provides a full range of dental treatments alongside the major implant- and denture-based procedures. This ranges from simple crowns and veneers to inlays, onlays, and white fillings.

    We also offer a variety of cosmetic orthodontic treatments which can be used independently or in conjunction with whitening for a complete smile make over. We can advise you on the best options for your teeth during your free consultation.

    Key Points:

    • Wide Range of Treatments and Cosmetic Procedures to Improve Your
    • Treatments can Be Provided by One of our Dentists or our Dental
      Therapist to Suit Your Timetable

    Talk to us about:

    • Replacing an Old Metal Filling with a New White Filling
    • Combining These Treatments with a Denture or Implant for a Full
      Smile Make-Over

    Affordable Options

    At Revitalise Dental Centre, we’re proud to offer competitive fees for our unique professional services. A number of finance options are available to make your perfect smile even more affordable.

    Contact us today, in St. Agnes, Cornwall, to learn more about the dentistry we offer, including specialised cosmetic dentistry.

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