Fixed Implant Retained Dentures

Revitalise offers the option of fixed implant retained dentures for customers who require full upper and/or lower bespoke dentures using implants.

A bespoke full set of dentures can be made to fit onto new existing implants, providing a stable base and making the dentures feel secure and look natural.

Using a fixed denture gives you the peace of mind that there will be no movement. The denture remains fully attached to the implants for a really secure feel.

The fixed denture option can also help to support the structure of the mouth and reduces the chance of natural changes in the shape of the jaw over time.

Bespoke Fixed Denture treatment at our fully equipped Dental centre includes a CT scan to create a digital image of your face which will show you how an implant retained fixed denture will look once completed. The comfort and well-being of Revitalise customers is of paramount importance and these important extra steps ensure that you are happy and confident before treatment begins.

Fixed Implant Retained Dentures:

  • Are an excellent solution for customers who would like to securely fix full upper and/or lower denture sets.
  • Offer security, stability and peace of mind for the wearer.
  • Are created in the on-site lab at Revitalise ensuring a premium quality, bespoke result.
  • Can often help to maintain a healthy jaw shape over time and ensure customer comfort.

In your consultation your personal Revitalise Dental Practitioner will talk to you about:

  • Whether bespoke natural looking fixed dentures are correct for your needs.
  • Treatment and procedure options to ensure a securely fitted full denture.
  • Timescales for creating and fitting bespoke implant retained dentures and for post-treatment healing.
  • The patient finance options available for treatment.
  • After Care.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do fixed dentures last?

Like everything if constantly used, they will experience wear and tear. With daily wear and regular maintenance, fixed dentures should be replaced every 5-7 years.

How do I look after my fixed dentures?

Every patient that we help will leave us with a care pack and a maintenance plan individual to them.

What our Clients say

“The minute I met Martin, I just knew he was so calm and relaxing. So then we had a discussion and Martin said what he could do and it had to be what our pocket could afford as well and we went ahead with it. The experience I had at this dentist was unbelievable, it was a journey I loved every minute of.”

Client: Dee
Treatment: Dental Implants

“There’s always smiling, handshakes, hugs and plenty of tea and coffee. They looked after my husband who was there for the day. They do the sedation and Hayley looked after me. Obviously I was unaware of exactly what they were doing, but they always make you feel so comfortable. Although you’re nervous, I don’t think I could’ve gone and got the same treatment anywhere else.”

Client: Carolyn
Treatment: Dental Implants