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When it comes to your dental care, we take things personally here at Revitalise Dental Centre.

Dentistry should never take a ‘one size fits all’ approach, which is why here at Revitalise Dental Centre, we do things differently. Nestled in the heart of Cornwall, our state-of-the-art dentist in Plymouth offers a completely personalised experience. 

We consider everything from your dental history to your personal preferences to ensure that your care is unique, specialised and tailored to you. We’re renowned for our unique approach to general dentistry in Plymouth and are proud to offer a full range of treatments to take care of all your dental needs.


Why choose Revitalise Dental Centre as your dentist in Plymouth?

When it comes to personalised treatment, our entire team is all invested in delivering the very best. At the heart of our approach is you, your confidence and your health, and we’re proud to say we have become a go-to for our patients in Plymouth.

We know the key to preventing serious oral health issues is maintaining a strong dental hygiene routine, and keeping up with routine check-ups – and we’re proud to say we make doing this incredibly easy. Our general dental checks aren’t just your run-of-the-mill, and we go above and beyond to ensure that if there are any signs of a problem, no matter how early, we can spot them. 

Our routine examinations typically include:

  • A thorough examination of your head, neck, jaw joints, gums, teeth and overall oral health
  • X-rays of the inside of your mouth
  • A discussion to go over any needs or concerns you may have

Everything starts with this consultation and examination, during which you will get a chance to talk openly about your past dental experiences, your concerns and the hopes you have for your dental care. This will also be our opportunity to talk you through the various treatment options we offer and ensure that we spot any problems early when they are still most treatable.

Following this examination, we will then start to get the wheels in motion, working with you to come up with a personalised plan that will lead to your dream smile. All of our bespoke treatment plans aim to:

  • Make you feel comfortable and confident when you smile
  • Ensure you have healthy teeth and gums
  • Make sure that your oral health is of a good standard
  • Leave you feeling confident to take care of your smile in between appointments

We’re committed to being completely transparent, offering open and customer-led care that puts you in the driver’s seat from start to finish. So, whatever your issue or concern, we’re confident that together, we can create a smile you feel proud to show off.


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Looking for a dentist in Plymouth that you can trust?

If so, then no look no further than Revitalise Dental Centre. We have built up a strong reputation for offering flexible, fully bespoke and affordable dentist Plymouth, and for good reason. We always put you at the heart of our treatments, ensuring you’re as informed as possible before making any decision about your dental care or treatment.

Sound good? If you’d like to find out more about us, or to speak with one of our experts, give us a call on 01872 555 911.

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What our Clients say

Marion visited Revitalise to reclaim her smile with a complete implant treatment. In this video, she explains how the staff at the practice put her at ease and why she recommends Revitalise to everyone she meets.

Client: Marion
Treatment: Complete mouth secured with implants

“The minute I met Martin, I just knew he was so calm and relaxing. So then we had a discussion and Martin said what he could do and it had to be what our pocket could afford as well and we went ahead with it. The experience I had at this dentist was unbelievable, it was a journey I loved every minute of.”

Client: Dee
Treatment: Dental Implants

“There’s always smiling, handshakes, hugs and plenty of tea and coffee. They looked after my husband who was there for the day. They do the sedation and Hayley looked after me. Obviously I was unaware of exactly what they were doing, but they always make you feel so comfortable. Although you’re nervous, I don’t think I could’ve gone and got the same treatment anywhere else.”

Client: Carolyn
Treatment: Dental Implants

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