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Finding a dentist that you can put your trust in can be difficult, and then there’s the challenge of finding a clinic that offers all the treatments you might need, all under one roof.  We’re proud to say our reputation for innovation and excellence means that we’re the go-to for people from all over who are happy to make the journey to our dentist in Somerset.

We provide general dentistry in our state-of-the-art clinic, offering a wide range of treatments, and a true one-of-a-kind approach to your everyday dental care. So, if you’re looking for your forever dentist in Somerset, we’re confident that you’ll be right at home with us.



Why choose Revitalise Dental?

We understand that choosing a dentist is incredibly personal, and everything from your past experiences to the type of treatments you’re looking for will play a part in the dentist you end up choosing. Here at Revitalise Dental, we’ve worked really hard to establish ourselves as a little bit different.

Everything from our stunning dental clinic in the heart of Cornwall to our innovative equipment and patient-focused approach is designed to put you at ease, and this attention to detail starts with your general check-ups. Your routine appointments are a huge part of your dental story, and what we offer here at Revitalise Dental is much more involved than what you might have experienced elsewhere. Our routine examinations include:

  • A thorough examination of your head, neck, jaw joints, gums, teeth and overall oral health
  • X-rays of the inside of your mouth
  • A discussion to go over any needs or concerns you may have

We’re thorough because we want to help you achieve your perfect smile, so having the foundations there is a huge part of that. Once we know if there are any existing issues, we can set plans in motion to fix the damage before it has the chance to progress. We will only ever offer bespoke treatment plans, as we know there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach to general dentistry, so you can feel confident that the care you’re receiving is personal to you.

General dentistry Somerset - Revitalise Dental Centre

A dentist in Somerset you can rely on

It’s no secret that dental work can be pricey, so you want to know you’re investing in the very best care for you. Our eco-friendly clinic in Somerset is truly one of a kind, designed with you in mind. Many of our patients admit that when they first step through our doors, they’d never guess they were at a dental practice, and that’s just how we like it. We want you to feel like you’re at a home away from home, so everything from the tranquil reception to the stunning views of the Cornish countryside is there to help you relax and unwind.

We take quality incredibly seriously, which is why we do everything ourselves in-house, including any lab work as we also benefit from an on-site lab. That means shorter waiting times for you, and a guarantee that the quality of your care is of the highest standards, no matter the treatment.

We also aim to be affordable, and our fees are very competitive for the type of treatment and innovation we offer. We also provide patient finance options for those who may benefit from it. 



Looking for your forever dentist? Get in touch with our team

You and your smile are unique, so you deserve nothing less than personalised dental care, and that’s what we offer here at Revitalise Dental. We’re passionate about what we do, and are committed to empowering our patients with bespoke general dentistry in Somerset, so what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a dentist with a difference, get in touch with us by calling on 01872 555 911 or emailing at [email protected].

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Revitalise procedures and treatments are bespoke and tailored to your needs and lifestyle.
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What our Clients say

Marion visited Revitalise to reclaim her smile with a complete implant treatment. In this video, she explains how the staff at the practice put her at ease and why she recommends Revitalise to everyone she meets.

Client: Marion
Treatment: Complete mouth secured with implants

“The minute I met Martin, I just knew he was so calm and relaxing. So then we had a discussion and Martin said what he could do and it had to be what our pocket could afford as well and we went ahead with it. The experience I had at this dentist was unbelievable, it was a journey I loved every minute of.”

Client: Dee
Treatment: Dental Implants

“There’s always smiling, handshakes, hugs and plenty of tea and coffee. They looked after my husband who was there for the day. They do the sedation and Hayley looked after me. Obviously I was unaware of exactly what they were doing, but they always make you feel so comfortable. Although you’re nervous, I don’t think I could’ve gone and got the same treatment anywhere else.”

Client: Carolyn
Treatment: Dental Implants

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