A Fresh Approach to Dentistry

At Revitalise Dental Centre, every member of the team is dedicated to doing things better. We have all invested in the future of dentistry to make sure that you enjoy the best experience possible.

Simon Martin 

(Dentist & Implantologist)

GDC Reg: 67146

Jeremy Harris 

(General, Orthodontics & Restorative Dentist)

GDC Reg: 55300

Jason Smithson 

(Cosmetic Dentist)

GDC Reg: 71085

Martin Docking 

(Clinical Dental Technician/Director)

GDC Reg: 115044

Jinny Adams 

(Dental Hygienist)

GDC Reg: 192867

Kirsty Dance - Business Manager


Elisha Hurst

(Dental Nurse)

GDC Reg: 255075


Hayley Brown 

(Treatment Coordinator/ Dental Nurse)

GDC Reg: 245797


Sam Hewitt 

(Head Dental Nurse)

GDC Reg: 156987

Louise Gavin

(Dental Nurse)

GDC Reg: 266233

Alice Burt

(Dental Nurse)

GDC Reg: 269276

Emma Severn

(Dental Nurse)

GDC Reg: 153924

Lucy (Director and Administrator)

Contact us today, in St. Agnes, Cornwall, for more information about the work our dentists carry out.

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