Dental Hygiene at Revitalise

At Revitalise our hygiene therapy treatments, led by our experienced Dental Hygienist Jinny Adams, are essential for ongoing oral health and tooth care.

Jinny is an integral part of the comprehensive service we offer all of our customers at Revitalise. The way she approaches dental hygiene stems from her passion for customer comfort and her drive for excellent results.

She began her career as a dental nurse before retraining as a dental hygiene therapist at Kings Hospital in London. Jinny was inspired to change roles after witnessing the huge number of patients who were losing teeth unnecessarily. Motivated to find different ways to help customers retain their natural teeth, Jinny has found that extensive client education combined with a gentler approach to oral cleaning has produced fantastic outcomes.

Jinny spends quality time educating customers about correct dental health and care strategies. This means that Revitalise customers are more confident about looking after their natural and replacement teeth at home and adhere to a strict oral hygiene regime.

The dental hygiene techniques at Revitalise were created by looking at the treatments through the eyes of the customer. We slowed the process down and placed more emphasis on customer education and motivation, ensuring that the service we offer is the best, most efficient and most comfortable for everyone we care for.

At each session, plaque and bleeding scores are taken which give a clear indication of oral health. Continuous assessments of periodontal condition are essential and part of the service offered at Revitalise. There are many risk factors associated with periodontal disease, so we work collaboratively with each customer to minimise these, it is definitely a team effort.

A holistic and comprehensive overview of well-being is crucial especially with bone loss associated with periodontal disease. This is connected to the customer’s overall health, lifestyle and genetics which is why we gather family and social histories and look into diet to determine what can be improved.

During treatments Jinny uses the Airflow® system which involves a controlled jet of warm water at a comfortable temperature along with a fine erythritol powder. Together these disrupt and remove the biofilm on teeth and dentures, polish tooth surfaces and clean away soft deposits and any discolouration.

Airflow® reaches up to 5mm into periodontal ‘pockets’ offering a deeper clean and is ultimately far more effective and gentle than a traditional scraping and polishing technique. It is rapid, efficient and non-invasive and particularly good for customers with very sensitive teeth and gums. All of our treatments take place in our beautiful dental centre in the heart of the Cornish countryside near St Agnes.

You are always most welcome to visit the five star Revitalise facility, meet our industry leading team and see the treatment rooms.

If you would like to speak to Jinny or any of the staff at Revitalise about the oral health and dental hygiene services we offer, call us now to arrange an initial consultation.

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Alkisti Vousvouni graduated from Cardiff University in 2010. She has since led a diverse career, growing her skills and offering a variety of treatments to best care for her patients. She worked in the Oral and Maxillofacial Department at the Royal Cornwall Hospital where she was introduced to aspects of general medicine, facial reconstruction and complex tooth removal. She taught students at the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne, and even joined a group of doctors on a research expedition to Southern and Eastern Africa A very important part of Alkisti’s work is to ensure nervous patients of all ages feel comfortable and confident in their smiles and oral health.

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What our Clients say

Marion visited Revitalise to reclaim her smile with a complete implant treatment. In this video, she explains how the staff at the practice put her at ease and why she recommends Revitalise to everyone she meets.

Client: Marion
Treatment: Complete mouth secured with implants

“The minute I met Martin, I just knew he was so calm and relaxing. So then we had a discussion and Martin said what he could do and it had to be what our pocket could afford as well and we went ahead with it. The experience I had at this dentist was unbelievable, it was a journey I loved every minute of.”

Client: Dee
Treatment: Dental Implants

“There’s always smiling, handshakes, hugs and plenty of tea and coffee. They looked after my husband who was there for the day. They do the sedation and Hayley looked after me. Obviously I was unaware of exactly what they were doing, but they always make you feel so comfortable. Although you’re nervous, I don’t think I could’ve gone and got the same treatment anywhere else.”

Client: Carolyn
Treatment: Dental Implants

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