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Dental Tourism: Turkey vs Cornwall

The popularity of travelling overseas for dental work is, undeniably, on the rise.

It doesn’t look set to slow any time soon, and it’s particularly favoured among us Brits, with thousands flocking to countries like Turkey and Greece every year.

From faster treatment times to more affordable treatment plans, there are many reasons why people are jetting off abroad merely for a trip to the dentist.

Yes, even when factoring in the cost of flights and hotels, the savings are significant. But as you may or may not know, seeking dental treatment in a foreign country comes with many a risk.

If you’re suffering from a severe case of low smile confidence, and are considering treatments such as veneers or dental implants to give you a bit of a boost, you might want to think twice before you purchase your plane tickets and consider seeking treatment somewhere in the UK.

In this blog, our expert dentists at Revitalise put dental work in Turkey vs Cornwall to the test, to help you make your all-important decision.

Dental Tourism Turkey vs Cornwall - Revitalise Dental Centre


Cosmetic dentistry in the UK – in places like Cornwall – can cost up to 70% more than it does abroad in Turkey.

This is the main reason why people travel abroad for dental treatment, and it can save you a significant amount of money.

However, whilst on the surface it may seem more affordable, several other hidden costs can quickly tot up, including:

  • Return flights 
  • Accommodation
  • Time off work for travel, treatment and recovery
  • Any correction procedures needed 

It’s also important to remember that whilst treatment tends to be much more affordable, even when taking the above factors into account, it doesn’t always equal value or quality.

When you stay in the UK for cosmetic treatments, be it veneers, dental implants, or anything else in between, it may be more expensive, but you’re guaranteed to get a quality treatment that’s well worth your money.

Dental care system

There are two types of dental practices, here in the UK: Those that provide NHS-led treatments and those that offer private dental treatments.

Visiting an NHS dentist is much more affordable, but long waiting lists have forced many of us to consider private dental care, which as you might expect, is much pricier. 

However, many private clinics offer dental treatment plans, so patients can access discounts on certain treatments, as well as dental finance – perfect for making more expensive procedures like veneers and dental implants more attainable.

In Turkey, you’ll only be able to visit private dental clinics.

As a result of this, many practices have had to improve their skills and upgrade their technology, but as investment has also increased, their prices have had to remain low, and so are considered more competitively priced.

Dental Tourism Turkey vs Cornwall - Revitalise Dental Centre


All dentists in the UK – private or NHS – are regulated by the General Dental Council (GDC), and must adhere to the standards set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Dentists in Turkey, however, will follow completely different regulations, and these may even differ from region to region within the country.

If your treatment were to go wrong as a UK citizen abroad, the GDC cannot investigate any dental work that has been performed, and it would be incredibly difficult to claim compensation, even if you have travel insurance.

You’ll have to pay for correction treatment yourself when you’re back in the UK, and some UK dentists may even refuse to carry out additional work on treatments that have been performed in a different country.

Language barriers

For many people, language barriers are one of the biggest problems faced – especially for those who travel to a different country for treatment.

It’s vital that you have a full understanding of the treatment process, should anything go wrong, or you require any follow-up treatments.

Language barriers can affect you and your dentist’s ability to communicate effectively regarding the treatment and any aftercare advice, increasing the likelihood of complications post-treatment. And, as you might expect, this is much more likely to happen if you travel abroad for dental work.

Dental Tourism Turkey vs Cornwall - Revitalise Dental Centre

Consider dental treatment in Cornwall

Dental tourism in the UK is on the rise, and if you’re in need of a holiday – as well as a smile makeover – Cornwall is the perfect place to escape.

Here at Revitalise Dental Centre, we see hundreds of patients every year – both local and from elsewhere in the UK – who are in search of the perfect smile.

We offer a range of treatments – from teeth whitening and composite bonding to veneers and dental implants – to help improve your smile, and would be more than happy to help.

To find out more, give our team a call today on 01872 480 125 or book your consultation online and we’ll look forward to meeting you at our practice in Cornwall!

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